2017 Homer Ledford Dulcimer Festival Classes

Don Pedi


John Keane

Karen Keane


Dana and Hank Gruber

Sarah Morgan

  • Doo-Wop on the Dulcimer! (Novice) Four simple chords are used to play 99% of all doo-wop music. Bring your dulcimer or whatever instrument you play-- or come & just sing along.  (Class/sing along)
  • Building Firm Foundations in Your Playing.  (Novice)   Topics include (as time allows) playing smoothly and cleanly, a simple approach to timing and rhythm, chord/melody style playing, making the most of your practice time, memorizing songs, strumming with ease, basic chords and backup, hearing phrasing in tunes, and an introduction to more advanced embellishments such as hammer-ons and pull-offs. The repertoire for this class will include basic jam tunes, hymns, and traditional songs.
  • An Appalachian Christmas (Intermediate)-- With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start collecting some Christmas pieces. But you won’t find “Rudolf” or “Frosty” anywhere here! I’ll be teaching some obscure and unique Christmas pieces from Appalachia that have survived the ages for good reason.
  • Rearranging Traditional Folk Tunes  (Advanced)  Be a part of the “folk process” by creating your own inter-pretation of familiar folk songs and tunes. In the first half, Sarah will share her process on how to breathe new life into these ancient melodies. Second half, we’ll put this knowledge to practical use by revamping a fiddle tune, then a song. Tip: Knowing the basics of chords and where to find them will be helpful for this class.

Dave Haas

  • Skills Past Beginner--Improve your strum, left hand fingering, use of a capo and playing smoothly with a group
  • Beautiful Melodies --Plucking the notes one at a time. learn left- and right-hand techniques to increase & sustain smoothness and volume. Accompany other instruments or solo slow pretty melodies. DAD-(Nov./Int)
  • Play Faster and Smoother --improve your speed and smoothness. Move the melody around the fretboard. Backup chords in multiple positions and end with a flare. DAd  (inter)
  •  Celtic Connection--Learn a jig, Hornpipe, and a slow aire--No Blarney! DAd  (Inter.-Advanced)

Jan Potts

  • Playing Parts in a Group (Novice and Beyond) We’ll work on “holding your own” while others play other parts.

Robert Tincher

  • Scottish Songs  (Inter./ Advanced)—Classics from two of Scotland’s greatest poets, Burns and Tannahill.
  • Ballad Workshop (ALL levels).  Let’s sing our favorite ballads and learn some new ones. Listeners also welcome.

Joe LaMay and Sherri Reese

  • Death and Taxes-- Traditional and original songs of murder, death, heaven, and taxes























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